1. Aulin. T. Humoresque in D-major
  2. Bacewicz Grażyna. Easy Pieces for violin and piano. PWM
  3. Bach J.S. Concerto in A-major
  4. Bach J.S Sonata D-major BWV 1040
  5. Bach J.S. Siciliana
  6. Beethoven L. Sonata G-major Op.30 No 3 part I
  7. Beriot Ch. Concerto No.9 in a - minor for violin
  8. Berthelot Rene. Feuilles D'Album. Trois Pieces Breves pour Flute (or Violin)et Piano
  9. Bohm Carl . Perpetuo Mobile
  10. Bohm Carl . Sarabanda in g - minor
  11. Brahms J. Hungarian Dance in A-major No.7
  12. Cofalik Antoni . The Violin ABC. PWM
  13. Dances and melodies for violin and piano. Transcription T.Zacharina, A.Lewandowski. PWM
  14. Dancla Charles . Little school of melody Op. 123 for violin and piano. PWM
  15. Dancla Charles. Premier Solo
  16. Dancla Charles. Variations on a Theme of Puccini Op.89
  17. Feliński Z. Górski E. Powroźniak J. Handbook of violin playing
  18. All works are recorded in some versions:

    first violin - melody line
    second violin - melody line
    first violin + second violin

    accompaniment for first and second violin
    first violin + accompaniment
    second violin + accompaniment
    first violin + second violin + accompaniment

    samples - listen

  19. Frieman. Goralian Dance
  20. Huber A.Concertino in F - major Op. 7 for violin and piano. PWM
  21. Komarowski. A. Concert Nr 1 in e-minor for violin and piano. Edition Peters
  22. Kreutzer R. Concerto in D-major No.13
  23. Krotkiewski W. Young Musician. PWM
  24. Kuchler Ferdinand . Concertino D-major for violin and piano in Vivaldi style. PWM
  25. Kuchler Ferdinand . Concertino G-major Op. 11. PWM
  26. Kurpiński-Sikorski. Three Polonaises
  27. Lalo E. Symphonie espagnole for violin and orchestra Op.21.
  28. Mendelssohn-Bartoldy. Concerto for violin in e-minor
  29. Młynarski Emil . Mazurka
  30. Mozart W.A Violin Concerto No. 1 in B-flat major KV 207
  31. Noskowski Z. Polonaise
  32. Paderewski - Barcewicz. Melody
  33. Popławski M."Easy pieces for violin and piano". PWM
  34. Pugnani - Kreisler. Prelude and Allegro
  35. Rieding Oscar. Concerto in G-major Op. 34 for violin and piano. PWM
  36. Rieding Oscar . Concerto in b-minor Op. 35 for violin and piano. PWM
  37. Rieding Oscar . Concertino D-major Op. 25 for violin and piano. PWM
  38. Szymanowski. K. Prelude Op1. No.1
  39. Tartini. Sonate g-minor "Didona Abandonata"
  40. Veracini F. Sonate e-minor
  41. Vivaldi Antonio. The Four Seasons. Concerto No. 2 in G minor, Op. 8, RV 315, "L'estate" (Summer)
  42. Viotti G.B. Cocerto in G-major
  43. Vivaldi Antonio. Four Seasons.Concerto No.1 in E major, Op.8,RV 269, "La primavera" (Spring). Edition Peters.
  44. Vivaldi Antonio. Four Seasons.Concerto No.2 in G minor, Op.8, RV 315, "L'estate" (Summer). Edition Peters.
  45. Vivaldi Antonio. Four Seasons.Concerto No.3 in F major, Op.8, RV 293, "L'autunno" (Autumn). Edition Peters.
  46. Vivaldi Antonio. Four Seasons.Concerto No.4 in F minor, Op.8, RV 297, "L'inverno" (Winter). Edition Peters.
  47. Vivaldi Antonio. Concerto in a-minor "Lestro Armonico" Op.3 No.8
  48. Vivaldi Antonio. Concerto in G- major Op.7 No 2 for violin.
  49. Wieniawski H.Concerto No. 2 in d-minor Op. 22
  50. Wieniawski H. Obertas


  1. Czajkowski P. "Chanson Trieste" Op.40 No. 2 in g - minor
  2. Dwarionas B. Theme with variations in g-minor
  3. Elgar E. Six easy pieces Op.22
  4. Forsajt S. Concerto for viola with orchestra
  5. Głazunow A. Elegy g-minor Op.44
  6. Haendel J.F Concerto in h - minor
  7. Seitz. Concerto in G-major Op. 13 in C-major


  1. Haendel G.F. Sonate g minor for flute
  2. Jańszynow A. Concertino Op. 35 in russian style. PWM
  3. Moniuszko S. Spring Song. PWM
  4. Stamitz Carl . Concerto in G major for flute


  1. Dupante F. Vergin Tuttamor
  2. Jasieniewaja Rosza
  3. Precz z moich oczu. Słowa A.Mickiewicz
  4. Matysek.(L.Kondratowicz,pseud.W.Syrokomla)
  5. Mozart W.A.Arie "Ein Madchen oder Weibchen "
  6. Nr 15 Arie Non siate ritrosi
  7. Scarlatti A. O Cessate Di Piagarmi


  1. Kurpiński.K. Cavatina for trumpet and piano



  1. Altberg E. Musical readings
  2. Bach Johann Sebastian.Easy pieces for violin and piano
  3. Alec Rowley.From My Sketch-Book
  4. Rybicki Feliks. I'm Playing
  5. Schumann R.Album For the Yought
  6. Raube S.The Bear's dancing


  1. Bach.J.S. Sonate D-major BWV p. II.Andante
  2. Bach.J.S. Sonate D-major BWV p. III. Allegro
  3. Berthelot.R. Canzonetta
  4. Berthelot.R Notturno.
  5. Berthelot.R. Preludio Alla Classica.
  6. Feliński Z. Górski E. Powroźniak J. Handbook of violin playing. Melody lines (first and second violin)with accompaniment
  7. Haendel J.F.Saraband with variations.
  8. Janszynow.A. Concertino op.35.
  9. Tartini. Sarabanda


  1. Cofalik. A. The Cuckoo
  2. Feliński Z. Górski E. Powroźniak J. Handbook of violin playing
  3. Mazas. Etiude No 6
  4. Kayser. Etiude No 57