...Nothing can replace a good teacher. But a good accompanist is invaluable, too.
Sometimes though, when you are still practising, not all things go as they should.
You're trying and trying and the time goes by... Your teacher grows weary... and impatient...
Let him rest!
Try our pre-recorded accompaniments! Practise on your own, whenever you want and as long as you want. And then, when you have mastered it, your teacher and you can play it together and play it beautifully.


  1. Professional piano accompaniments, pre-recorded or recorded to order :


Our accompaniments will be your perfect home accompanist that never becomes bored or irritated and always has time for you.

There is always too little time at school to practise with your accompanist, but our recordings will make it all easier for you. You will be able to practise at home long enough to master the right intonation and tempo and start your work with the accompanist once you have overcome all technical problems.
Then, you will be able to devote your time to the performance of the whole piece and bringing the two voices into one musical unity.
Thanks to our solution you will be better prepared and better preparation means less stress, greater performance freedom and, in effect, a better grade.
No more laborious music reading. No more sluggish playing. No more mistakes! You will finally come to your classes well prepared, leaving your accompanist delighted.

You know what you play! Thanks to our pre-recorded accompaniments you will learn faster, with more ease and joy and achieve better results

Being able to listen to both parts of the music will make it easier for you to recognize the character of the music, understand it better and feel its inner pulse.
That way practising becomes easier and more fun.
Even better, you avoid stress of the possible mistakes or the limited time your teacher has for you.
You can repeat and practise on your own as many times as you need to master the music.

You get what is best

Our accompaniments are diligently prepared.
We add a metronome track to every recording - two times at the beginning of the whole piece and of its parts as well as anywhere where it is necessary (e.g. pauses or long piano parts).
On request, we can also record the accompaniment without the metronome track or add it in places indicated by you.
Every album begins with a tuning note (A) so that the soloist has the opportunity to tune up his instrument.

We give you a choice

At our music studio we can record accompaniments on various levels of difficulty, from the easiest, useful to students beginning their music education, to accompaniments for professional musicians or singing actors.
They all are prepared with equal diligence.
At the moment we have over one hundred music works on offer, but we continue adding new music all the time.
If you cannot find the music you need, you can still order it on request. Within 10 days we will be able to send you the price and record the music for you.
You can also send your opinions and suggestions about the music which should appear in our shop in the future.

WOur unique offer : an accompaniment with a melody line

Also on offer: sample music performances. If you are not fluent in music reading and you want to listen to the whole piece and understand its character, you can listen to performances of our musicians.
The melody line is played on piano in order not to impose any performance or interpretation suggestions on you.

Buy here and save your time...

Working with our accompaniments will save you taking extra classes. You will be able to play whenever you like, for as long as you like and as many times as you like.
You can practise even when you go away. You can take the CD and your instrument and practise anywhere you like. You can also order the music as MP3 files, which will let you play it even on your mobile phone.

...and your money:

You can buy exactly what you need and in the amount you want - even if it is just a minute of music :single recordings now from 8 PLN!
You just pay for what you need. Even more, you only pay for the music, we will handle all recording and production costs! If you order more than one piece and they will not fit onto one disc, we will put it on two or three CDs with no extra costs.
You get a unique product, suited exactly to your needs at a reasonable price.
Most of our music is recorded at two speeds : slower, for practising, and faster, for performing. It means that you get two recordings for the price of one.
You can also request the music to be recorded at a speed specified by you.

Haven't found what you need? Make a request!

If you haven't found the accompaniment you need at our website, you can still order it on request. Within 10 days we will be able to send you the price and record the music once you have accepted the price. We can record either our sheet music or music submitted to us by you.
You can send the score by fax or e-mail in JPG, PNG or GIF format. You can also send it by post: once we have recorded it we will send it back to you together with the CD.
The price depends only on the length and the difficulty of the accompaniment.