1. Professional piano accompaniment, pre-recorded and to order.

Pre-recorded accompaniments:

We offer pre-recorded accompaniments in our online store. Currently, we have over 300 recordings available and we are constantly working on expanding our offer. Almost all recordings are available at two speeds: a faster one that is played according to the notation, and a slower one for practising, recorded along the teacher's instructions. If you wish to purchase the same music piece recorded at a speed of your choice, we can offer you a 40% discount.

Accompaniments to order

If the music you need is not available in our online store, you can still order it. On request we can record accompaniments to music on all levels of difficulty. They are performed either on piano or other keyboard instruments. It is possible to make the recordings on other instruments. In that case the price depends on the number of instruments and the working time of musicians.

O.Rieding. Concert in h-minor op.35, quarter note = 80

O.Rieding. Concert in h-minor op.35 quarter note = 120

2. Arranged music for exams, candidates to actor and vocal studies and ballet school pupils.

In case you send us sheet music, you should allow approx. 10 days for the recording process. In case the accompaniment should be arranged on the basis of an audio file, you should allow at least 3 weeks for the recording, but the exact time is discussed individually and depends on the difficulty of the music. If you are from Krakow or Katowice, it is possible for our accompanist to accompany you at your exam (provided the accompanist is available).

"This is my dream". Song from "Dyzma"music-hall

3. Arranging classical and popular music

We can compose accompaniments to a melody line of yours, we can arrange the piece from the beginning, transpose it or transcribe it. When ordering arrangements, please provide us with a copy of the sheet music, audio files and all suggestions concerning performance. It is also possible to arrange a meeting with the musician to discuss all the details.
The musicians playing commercially are granted a commercial licence. The price depends on the type of licence.

Alleluja from "Messiah" oratorio

4. Sample performances of classical and popular music recorded by our musicians

These are mainly useful to primary music school pupils who cannot read music fluently and to parents wishing to help their children play the instrument. We can record the melody line of the piece or arrange an accompaniment to it.

Concertino op.35 in russian style

5. Accompanists and musicians to hire

The offer concerns only South-East Poland. Our musicians take part in openings of art exhibitions, literary evenings, they play and accompany solo artists during various celebrations and festivals. We do not play at weddings!

6. Converting MID files to WAV or MP3 format, recording karaoke background music, compiling music for theatre performances and other music-related services

By means of Yamaha Clavinova CLP-150 digital piano we are able to convert MID files to WAV or MP3 file formats. The recordings can be sent by e-mail or on a CD. The price depends on the length of the recording.
We also record karaoke background music to sheet music delivered by you at a speed suitable for performers, musicians or singers.
We also prepare music to theatre performances, e.g. Orpheus-God-Man by Migreska Amateur Pantomime Theatre in Teatr Maly in Tychy.

see on YT

7. Publishing music-related articles - free of charge

We publish articles on all topics related to music in the Reading Room section of our website.

Publishing conditions:

  1. All texts are subject to editing.
  2. The texts are published within 2 weeks after we have received it.
  3. We do not accept announcements (they can be published on our forum board for free).
  4. We do not tolerate word abuse, defamatory texts or articles with illicit content.
  5. The article should have:
    • a minimum of 1000 characters (approx. 15 sentences)
    • a maximum of 5000 characters

    Longer texts can be published provided they are exceptionally interesting.

  6. The files can be sent in the following formats: TXT, RTF, DOC, DOCX.
  7. Photographs and pictures are accepted in JPG or GIF format only. Maximum size of a single file is 100 kB.
  8. It is also possible to send audio files in MP3 format. Maximum size: 1 MB.
  9. The size of the article with attachments should not exceed 5 MB.
  10. All authors (and our team also) are bound by press laws and copyright.
  11. We do not pay for published texts.
  12. On request we can provide a document confirming your publication.